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4 Practical Steps for Clearing Negative Energy

“Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics.”

Albert Einstein

Picture this, you’re having a great morning, feeling confident and happy in yourself and when you turn up to work one of your colleagues says to you. “What are you so happy about? This place sucks!” or even worse someone takes a personal dig at you. Boom! Negative energy thrown right in your face before you have even started your day.

Now think back to a time when you might have picked up negative energy from a person or a place. Maybe you experienced heaviness in your gut or felt your heart sink? Negative energy literally feels like a heavy weight pulling you down, it can be overpowering and consuming if you don’t have the tools to deal with it.

We are taught how to protect and care for our physical body from a young age, but why were we never taught how to protect our energetic body (aura)?

Understanding Energy

As stated in Einstein’s quote, “everything is energy.” The law of attraction states, “like attracts like. Positive attracts positive and negative attracts negative”

This is because everything that exists in the universe is connected by energy. Every thought, word, desire, choice or belief you have will manifest into your reality. The type of energy that is vibrating in your auric field is demonstrated in your daily life.

I want to share one of my past experiences as an example. During my teens and twenties, I existed in the victim mindset, I constantly reinforced the belief that life was against me. I felt sorry for myself when things didn’t go my way and I refused to take responsibility for anything, always placing the blame on external factors, rather than reflecting on myself and my behaviours.

During this period of my life I attracted a lot of negative relationships and situations that continued to reinforce the belief that life was against me, and that I was a failure. This was because I was vibrating at an energy frequency that attracted these negative influences into my life.

It wasn’t until I began to look inwards at my own thoughts and beliefs, I realised just how negative the energy I was projecting into the world was. It was like looking into a mirror, my external life was just a reflection of my internal belief system.

This was the moment I came to understand the sheer power of our energetic vibrational frequency. I dedicated my time to researching, learning and practising techniques in order to clear the negative energy I had accumulated from my own beliefs and the negative influences I had allowed into my life.

And guess what happened? My life began to transform in amazing ways. Everything changed, from the people I was attracting, to opportunities that presented themselves and most importantly the way I felt about myself changed from feeling like a victim to feeling empowered.

Image via Unsplash

Why is Clearing Negative Energy an Important Practice?

Clearing negative energy in your aura is important because if you don’t clear this energy, you continue to allow toxicity into your life. You become vulnerable to attracting more negative people and situations and you become trapped in a constant cycle of, ‘history repeating itself.’ Life will continue to demonstrate what you are projecting until you find the courage to change it.

Let me ask you this, would you neglect caring for your physical body daily? Would you stop showering or brushing your teeth for days, weeks or even years?

No, you wouldn’t because you know the consequences.

Now you are also aware of the consequences of not caring for your energetic body regularly. And the good news is, you have control over what you manifest through your own energy vibration. You hold the power when it comes to clearing negative energy from your aura.

Remember, everything is energy, what we vibrate in our energetic field is what we attract in our daily life.

4 Steps for Clearing Negative Energy

1. Identify your own natural vibrational frequency

Learning to feel your own energy vibration is a very powerful tool. Why? Because over time you will naturally become aware of subtle shifts in your energy. You will also be able to easily identify if you are picking up energy that doesn’t belong to you.

To tune into your own natural vibrational frequency you need to get into a relaxed state. Find a quiet space, close your eyes and take some deep breaths.

When you feel calm tune into the electric energy pulsing through and around your body and aura. It will most likely feel very subtle at first but slowly allow your body to rock, sway or move in a way that feels natural to you.

This sensation is your natural vibrational frequency. As an energy healer I have learned to tap into energies. Mine feels slow, like gentle waves, this is a sign that my energy is calm and balanced. I have experienced many different energies from people I’ve worked with, from fast electrical pulsing, buzzing, slow rocking, to almost dizzy energy.

Remember, your aim is to tap into your energy frequency in a relaxed state. Our energy shifts and changes depending on numerous factors. When you are able to identify your natural state, over time you will intuitively know if your vibration is influenced by positive or negative factors in your life.

Image by Aarón Blanco Tejedor on Unsplash

2. Do a daily light clearing shower

This is a powerful practice to start your day to clear any unwanted negative energies. Get yourself into a relaxed meditative state, then visualise a portal of light opening up above your head/crown chakra.

Imagine white healing light pouring through your head and flooding your body with cleansing energy. Visualise all negative energies leaving your body and pouring back into the earth where it can be transformed.

Sit with the light energy and allow it to flood your body, imagining it dissolving any negatives. Feel this light energy expand and surround you as a protection throughout your day.

Spend a few minutes in the light and when you feel ready imagine the light portal above your head closing, ground yourself and come back to your body.

You can also try connecting with your guides to help you clear away any negative energies. To discover more about connecting with your guides, check out the website: Archangel Secrets.

3. Tune into your body

Negative energy often gets trapped in our body and if it’s not cleared, manifests itself as physical pain. Body scan meditations are a great way to identify and release any tension or blocked energy in your body.

One of my favourite meditations using this technique is the: Complete Body Healing Guided Meditation. Find the YouTube video below.

Another technique I like to use is scanning my body and when I find any tension or blocked energy, send healing light to the chakra in that region of my body. For example, if you feel heaviness in your stomach, this is related to the solar plexus chakra which is yellow.

Visualise a bright yellow light swirling around cleaning out any blocked energy in this chakra. Sit with this sensation until you begin to feel the tension and trapped energy melt away.

4. Cut energy cords

Did you know that we naturally develop energetic ties to people and places throughout our lives? Consciously we are unaware of these energy ties, but often these ties can cause us to feel energetically drained or blocked.

Physically a person may no longer be in your life, but energetically you may still have ties to them. That’s why completing this practice regularly is so powerful, it releases you from being energetically tied to people you no longer want in your life.

Have you ever thought about someone and then suddenly out of the blue you receive a text from them or run into them on the street? This isn’t just pure coincidence, this is because energetically you still have ties to this person.

Cutting energy cords requires a simple visualisation exercise:

  1. If you are aware of a person you wish to cut ties with, first visualise them in your mind. Alternatively if you aren’t consciously aware of people you still have energetic ties with, intuitively ask yourself, “Who do I need to cut ties with at this time?” In my experience a name or image of a person comes to mind.

  2. Visualise a long cord extending from your heart (or wherever else you feel the chord in your body) and attaching to that other person. Feel how that cord is attached to both of you, transmitting energy.

  3. Say out loud or in your mind, “I release any energy cords I have attached to (full name).”

  4. Visualise the cords being cut between you and this person.

  5. Feel the cords melting away and your personal power returning to you. If you feel comfortable in doing so, send this person away in light and love. The healing process is complete.

*Note: You may have to complete this process more than once with certain people. This depends on the level of connection you had with the person, sometimes it requires numerous attempts to completely cut all energetic ties with someone. You will intuitively know when all ties have been cut.

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