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About Storybones

We all come into this world with a unique calling or purpose. An instinctual gift that will always be there. It rests gently within the bones of your being, just waiting to be remembered. This is the very essence of who you are and why you are here. The soft voice within you that yearns to be free. It’s a journey of finding your way back home to yourself, the reclamation of your soul story.

As humans we are natural storytellers, our lives become intertwined with an abundance of stories and experiences that shape who we are as individuals. Stories hold immense power and the stories we choose to believe about ourselves influence every single aspect of our lives. Stories from our past shape our future, therefore weaving the path of our life journey. Many of these stories were created long before you were born or arise from early childhood experiences or trauma, societal conditioning and ancestral lineage. Naturally, we adopt stories that don’t belong to us, but because we are unaware, we carry some like wounds. Conditioning and past traumas becomes embedded into our story. We live these stories as if they were our truth, we allow them to define us. They hold us back from knowing who we truly are and stop us from living life to our full potential.

What if I told you that you no longer need to be defined by past stories and limitations? That you hold the power to recreate your life story, to live your truth and uncover your soul gifts? That you have the ability to heal and rebuild your story, from the bones up?

I want you to know that you hold the power within you to heal, you are the creator of your own empowering life story. Will you choose stories that uplift and empower you? Rather than ones that keep you small and living in fear? Are you ready to let go of the stories that no longer serve you and step into your unique truth? You hold the power within to transform your life. Maybe you need a little guidance along the way, someone to walk beside you, a friend and a mentor.

Discover more about my story below and discover how I can help you on your personal journey.

"You have the ability to heal and rebuild your story, from the bones up."

About me

Hello, I'm Erin Alexis,


I'm an Embodiment Practitioner, Mentor, Writer and Creative, based in New Zealand. I have been practicing mind-body healing for over 10 years and have trained in multiple modalities including: Remedial massage, Reiki, Shamanic practices, Breath work and Quantum healing.

I also work with sacred symbols as art transmissions. In particular the spiral, which represents the continual journey of life unfolding – the unfurling into our true being.


I have a deep understanding of working with trauma, fear and emotional triggers/wounds due to my personal life experiences and working to empower others. I truly believe that we have the ability to heal ourselves and overcome the stories and limitations that past experiences can hold over our lives. I am able to see my past wounds as wisdom, my teacher and gift to help others. When I found the courage to turn within, I began to heal my life story and implement my knowledge and experience to assist others on their healing journey.


Here’s a little more insight into my own healing journey and path towards reclaiming my story and inner truth...

Story Bones first came about during healing a crisis of my own. For much of my life I existed in a space of pain and mental turmoil, paralyzed by fear, anxiety and depression. I was the victim of my own self- limiting stories and beliefs. I felt trapped in a life that wasn’t serving me. Stuck in a constant cycle of reliving old painful stories and playing them out in my daily life. Truth be told, I was a slave to the stories I believed about myself.

When I reached my late twenties, I hit breaking point and was left with no choice but to surrender. I found the courage to look within and acknowledge everything I had spent my entire life attempting to avoid. I stopped running from myself and began gathering the bones to reveal my true nature, hidden deep within. As I pieced myself back together, I began to realize that, up until that point, my life was nothing but a story. A story that was shaped around my limited past perceptions. It kept me small and held me back from expressing who I truly was. 

"That was the moment I decided to redefine myself and my story."

When I began healing my physical and energetic body, I was able to break free of these painful stories and beliefs. I began to feel safe to express who I truly was, and my life started to transform in amazing ways. I’m here to tell you – If I can do it, you can too!

"I’m here to help, to walk this courageous path beside you."

Erin Alexis Grace

Erin downloads-183_edited.jpg

Get started on your healing pathway...

Release Old Stories

Soul Story Sessions:

1:1 mentoring sessions to support you to become the storyteller of your own life. By recreating your story you transform your life. Work with me as we journey through your story and unlock the keys of hidden wisdom and insight within your bones.

Listen to Your Soul

Purchase my eBook:

Inner Child Healing.

Journey back into the inner child to reclaim and heal lost parts of yourself from childhood. 

This book provides practical activities and exercises to reconnect with and heal your inner child. Reclaim your inner child and heal your life.

Feel Your Bones

Reconnect to yourself through my free healing resource - Master Your Story, Transform Your Life.

An introductory guide to support you to heal from your past and recreate the future you desire.


Support My Work

I appreciate kind donations to keep this community going so I can reach out and help more people. Any donation you can make goes a long way towards healing others.  Thank you from the bones of my being!

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