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Writing by the Water

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Our website sanctuary is under construction.

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Who we are...

As humans we are natural storytellers, our lives become intertwined with an abundance of stories and experiences that shape who we are as individuals. Stories hold immense power and the stories we choose to believe about ourselves influence every single aspect of our lives. Naturally, we adopt stories that don’t belong to us, but because we are unaware, we carry some like wounds. Conditioning and past traumas becomes embedded into our story. We live these stories as if they were our truth, we allow them to define us. They hold us back from knowing who we truly are and stop us from living life to our full potential.

What if I told you that you no longer need to be defined by past stories and limitations?

That you hold the power to recreate your life story, to live your truth and uncover your soul gifts?

That you have the ability to heal and rebuild your story, from the bones up?

Storybones is here to guide you on the journey to unlocking your own story.

We are currently re-branding and rebuilding our new website, so watch this space for access to life changing resources.

We promise it will be worth the wait, but in the meantime please follow us on social media and sign up to our free mailing list to get started on your journey to living your full potential.

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